Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pac Man Fever - Rock n Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon 2015

Things to think about if you ever decide to race in a costume.

1) Make sure you try it out before the race. Don't just hop on a treadmill for 60 seconds because most of the real weird stuff takes time to fall apart.

2) Read the description about the material. Even if you order from Amazon, different vendors have different thicknesses and fabrics.

3) Chafing. In places you probably don't expect, like the armholes, neck, and the shoulders for outfits that were allegedly 'one size fits all' if you happen to be a size 2.

All that said, note that I ignored all of this before Rock n Roll Los Angeles.

California races are super convenient. A reasonably early flight from Oakland to Burbank and we're at the expo almost as it opens. This was the second weekend where CGI was staffing two different cities, the other being north of the border in Vancouver. I'd say about 80% of the people we know on the circuit chose to come to California. This is also the third of nine consecutive weekends with RNR races for those making the late push to the Heavy Medal Hall of Fame. 

First things first. Hit the expo, grab the pins. No luggage tags this time around. I kinda wish Brooks would do those for every race, but I picked up yet another half-zip in a charcoal. I have to say, the colors for the gear are getting better.

Ron, Amy, Susan, Ainsley and Arnold. By the end of the year, we'll all be Hall of Famers.
This is the last time we see Monarch the California bear. He had some costume cooling issues which made me really appreciate not having a costume that I was wearing over my head.

If you're wondering, the Cali-Combo medal is NOT actual size.
We grabbed lunch at Tom's Urban with Al and Kamika and loitered a bit to wait for Tawni and Caryn. The sliders hit the spot. The lighting was challenging, but I'm glad Tawni remember to ask for a picture. 

With the short trip and the extra gear prep to do, we were back in the hotels for a few hours before dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. Pictures didn't happen. Part of me says it's because I'm trying to enjoy the moments more and part of me is just getting forgetful.

Sunday October 26th. Race morning.
Now keep in mind, we coordinated the idea months ago, but only ordered costumes four to six weeks before the race. Except for a video preview I posted to make sure no one backed out, race morning was the first time we'd seen each other's outfits.

The concierge at the Sheraton was amused.
Pac-Ron, Caryn (Inky), Al (Blinky), Susan (the gameboard), Kamika as The Pineapple.
OK, it turns out that the classic Pac Man game doesn't have a pineapple, but since Kamika is from Hawaii, we thought it had to happen. His was the most recognizable costume on the course, other than the kids who thought he was Spongebob's house. It was a short walk to the starting line to meet Tawni (Pinky), Sherry (Sue) and Don (the edible ghost).

Jim and Beth were busy elevating the level of crazy for some of their TeamUP captains. Virginia (left, holding the sign) joined them in Las Vegas for a 10K on Saturday, drove 4 hours to LA and did the 5K for her first double race weekend in two different states.  

I put a lot of work into getting sounds effects into my phone, some of them being loaded the night before after downloading a Pac Man app and Voice Recorder Pro. A small bluetooth speaker in my bottle pouch made for a good distraction (or annoyance, depending on how long you were behind me). Listen carefully and you can hear the 'waka waka' sound on a 10 second loop coming out of my rear end.

The costume got a lot of attention, even from some of the four-legged participants. Bill "Chino Loco" Kwok, Rock Ambassador for Los Angeles, had a cadre of Running Elvi and a puppy in a stroller. ASPCA was the race sponsor, so this was perfect.

LA had the cheer squads going in full force since this was downtown and we didn't have any early morning noise restrictions like we've had in Brooklyn and San Jose. 

The course goes south to take a loop around the LA Coliseum and back, so we got to see a stream of runners coming back toward us. There were lots of Ninja Turtles, Thing 1 and 2's, Tweedledees and Tweedledums, an Ivan Drago and Rocky, a few Forrest Gumps and even Rosie the Riveter (with the paperboard "You Can Do It" sign behind her). Everyone had the same idea to stop by the arch for pictures. The Coliseum is a national landmark, after all.

The course changed slightly due to some issues at the 6th Street bridge, so we were diverted north to the 3rd Street bridge. Out and backs are good for this kind of picture since we see most people regardless of pace. 

We got this backwards. Sherry was supposed to kill me.

The course change shouldn't have been that big a deal, but it added a substantial hill that peaked at mile 7.5 and 12. We caught Ilona and Carl zipping down at mile 12.5, Ilona keeping a close eye on the ground, because at that speed and a decent sized pothole on her scooter, things could get dicey.  The top of the hill had some good views and the Toyota Inspiration mile kept us entertained.

This wasn't going to be our fastest race. With three fast races in the previous month and Double Live 3 coming up in mid November, this was a great one to throttle back and enjoy. Even the Pineapples are happy.

The group did get a shot at the costume contest thanks to Colleen. Based on applause, I think we took 5th behind the Jamaican Bobsled team, Forrest Gump and Devo and the dude in the Red Solo Cup.

Thanks, Amy, for taking this pic!
The costumes held up pretty well all things considered. The plastic ribs in the Pac Man structure worked loose at mile 8 and started poking me every step until I yanked it back into place. Al's Red/Blue ghost costume was a layer of rubber with light fleece on the inside, so he was roasting a bit. The ladies did a nice job with what turned out to be compression tops and Kamika kept his pineapple top on the entire way. 

We'll be watching our friends from the sidelines for the next two weeks, skipping Philly/Merida and Savannah. This is a good time for a break with the holiday season and the decorations going up, just as long as we don't let the Eating Season go too far. We still have Rock n Roll Fever!

Waka waka.  


Rock n Roll Los Angeles was run for the 5th year in 2015. Signups were not available for 2016, but if it falls on the same weekend as Vancouver, this is probably the race we would do. Vacation time will be short with Victoria Falls on the schedule.  There were 7,780 finishers in the half marathon (median finish time 2:26) and 1,516  in the 5K (37:57).  The course winds past the Staples Center, LA Live and the Coliseum and over the LA River into Alviso Village. Race temps were in the high 60's, but thankfully, we had cloud cover the entire race. It could have been toasty for the ghosts.

The Pannell Report (Heavy Medal count) going into the Philly/Merida weekend has 91 people with a shot at finishing at 15 or more races to earn a spot in the 2015 Hall of Fame. This is the last weekend to actually double down with Philly/Merida, but if it's possible, it's likely cost prohibitive. 

18 at 11
19 at 12
23 at 13
13 at 14
5 at 15     Hall of Fame
3 at 16
4 at 17
4 at 18
1 at 19

We don't personally know anyone who hit 15 this weekend, but I'd be happy to update it if anyone lets me know. I'd love to recognize the accomplishment! We're projecting a total of 11 repeat Hall of Famer's from 2014. Ilona and Carl were the first and two more should join them this weekend.

This was our 97th half marathon and 70th RNR half or full marathon. I think the medal walls are going to get a much needed makeover when we get a break in December.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

A View From the Top - Rock n Roll St. Louis Weekend 2015

October brings a full race schedule for the Rock n Roll Marathon Series. For three weeks we have choice of two cities for the weekend. We'll ignore the fact that SOME people didn't make the choice this weekend but raced in both St. Louis and Denver.

Landing at Lambert International after an early morning flight gave us plenty of time to get to the hotel before going to the Expo. The Metro ride was convenient and dropped us off within a couple blocks of the Hilton Ballpark and we could go straight to the expo. The $4 for the 2 hour pass is worth it and saves a bunch on cab fare. 

This year, we didn't have to contend with the Cardinals being in the playoffs having being eliminated a few days before by the Cubs.  Yes, Back to the Future may have been right!

Yeah. I think we got this.
Even with the Cards done for the year, the water near the Old Courthouse was still dyed Cardinal Red. It made for a nice contrast with the crystal blue skies.

We dropped our bags at the hotel and a half mile walk to the Expo. First step was to find and congratulate our friend Jennifer on her recent engagement. We see friends at Competitor Group more than we see some of our own families, so this was a great way to start our visit.

This weekend saw the fourth round of entrants to Rock n Roll Marathon's Heavy Medal Hall of Fame, awarded for finishing 15 races in the calendar year. Sherry (right) and James would earn the medal in St. Louis and Leny got the coveted backpack and swag package in Denver. Leny also celebrated two major milestones over the weekend - her 100th half marathon and more importantly, 5 years cancer free!

Thanks, Grace, for the picture and for finding us the RNR pins!
We had a lot of prep for two races and were going on little sleep (especially Sherry), so we hit a quick dinner and tried to figure out what to do for the forecasted mid-30's starting temps for the 5K on Saturday. We should be used to this. Two years ago when we were here, it was almost the exact same weather. Thanks to Facebook, we even knew what we wore.

Saturday October 17th. 5K. 
Probably the best memory I had of our 2013 race here was the sunrise through the Gateway Arch. As we made our way to the start line, the sun came up. My wife is my sunshine in more ways than one.

The 5K was new this year. With about 1300 finishers, it looks like it has a good chance of being back in 2016. It was set up with the same start/finish as the half marathon, so logistics were great for the race.

We had some special guests this race. Amy (already a 2015 Hall of Famer) had a dozen of her family members join her. They ran and walked in memory of Amy's uncle Bill who died of cancer.  Hyalker has been running for young Katy (in the stroller) for years, donating his medals to her. She and four family members joined us as well.

Joining us just before the gun was the 2015 RNR race leader, Leah. She may have been trying to catch up on sleep or prepping for her flight out right after the 5K.  See, she was in town only for about 20 hours before flying to Denver to the the Rock n Roll Half Marathon on Sunday. She was awarded a de facto Remix medal for doing two races over the weekend, even though they were in different cities... in different time zones.

The 5K course was a nice out and back and gave us a chance to cheer for each other on at the 1.5 mile turn. I waited a few minutes for Susan and we waited for Hyalker and Lawrence, strollers in tow.

Hyalker's run with Katy was the first time he'd raced with a stroller. He's planning on doing the half marathon with her next year as long as he figures out how to keep his hands warm.  Lawrence said his puppy, Molly, was a real chick magnet.  Katy agrees.

Race 1 done. Obligatory selfie after trying a couple of the 76 flavors of Gooey Butter Cake for brunch at Park Avenue Coffee. One could argue which action was more sickeningly sweet. Heh.

We tried or  gave away White Chocolate Raspberry, Cinnamon Roll, Butterscotch Toffee, Triple Chocolate, Red Velvet, Turtle, Pumpkin, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Espresso Chip and of course, Original!

We caught up with Michelle and Ted at the expo and set up dinner that night at Charlie Gitto's. We also caught up with Jennifer, the Maid of Honor at our wedding 20 years ago when we were all in grad school at Wisconsin. Jen drove an hour and a half from Springfield to cheer us on at the half. 

It's always interesting to see how friends from previous lives integrate with our current circle. We kept telling Jen that we're not the craziest ones. We have crazier friends. The jury is still out.

The non-selfie turned out well. I'll use it instead!

About this time, Al was starting a Denver vs. St. Louis thread. With the magic of social media, it was nice to see what our friends were doing hundreds of miles away. Beth was in early and dining alone, so we sent a few encouraging comments and likes her way. Al noted Denver had "Zombies, Beer Festival, Perfect Weather, Bourbon Tasting."  St. Louis countered with "Marching Band Competition, Gooey Butter Cake and 50th Anniversary Gateway Arch tour."

Each according to his tastes.

Sunday, October 17th. Half Marathon Day
Early morning twilight is rough for the iPhone camera folks. The pictures we took were limited to an extended group selfie and a few more sunrise pics.

About 10 minutes into the race, my phone powered down because of the cold. Fortunately Susan's was fine. Fortunately, I was able to use the charcoal hand warmers in my Flipbelt to get the phone back going by mid-race.
The RNR loyalists at the start of the half in St. Louis. This group represents close to 200 Rock n Roll races this year, more if you include 5K and 10Ks.

Left to right(ish): Ron, Michelle, Ted, Sherry, Amy, Ilona, Susan, Hyalker, Carl, Irene, Jesus. I didn't catch the names for the other three gentlemen.

Some of the best stories come from pictures I take spontaneously. Amy runs for a reason. And her accomplishments this year are because of her dedication to the goal she set at the start of the year. She ran a personal best in St. Louis, beating her previous best by 3 minutes. This was her 16th Rock n Roll race of 2015.

I remember the half marathon course being pretty fast. There were some rolling hills, but knowing that we ended near the start, we knew that every uphill would give us a downhill later. It took a while to get warm, but the sun came out strong. By the time we were finished, it would be comfortable sweatshirt weather, at least in the sun.

There's a band I wouldn't have expected. Ukulele Fight Club!
This was one of my better races considering I wasn't actually pushing too hard after San Jose and Brooklyn. I walked the first 10K in 1:10:12 and had a slightly faster back half, hitting a good negative split for the last 5K at 34:33. I've got my sights set on RNR New Orleans for another shot at a PR, so I don't want to take the usual time off for the Eating Season (roughly Halloween through Easter).

Jennifer was using the Share My Location feature on our iPhones to keep track of our progress and it worked perfectly. I caught her on the side of the road just past mile 13. She was busy wowing the spectators around her with her knowledge of racing, race walking and technology.  Plus she had cool signs.

I don't always get pictures of Susan finishing, but when I do, its with her personal cheer squad.

This year, Competitor Group added Heavy Medals for 8 and 9 races, along with adding the 15 race Hall of Fame medal. However, anyone between 10 and 15 (or over 15) are in Heavy Medal Limbo. Amy took it upon herself to make a stack of homemade Heavy Medals with the RNR St. Louis logo on them, awarding them at the finish line.

Ilona hit 17. The scooter survived the race without issues, thankfully...

Carl also finished race #17. He said if Ilona's scooter had another flat tire, it would have ended up in the Mississippi. Maybe a good intro for an episode of Homicide Hunter?

Ilona awarded Amy her 16. Her Race Twin Ainsley received her Hall of Fame medal an hour later in Denver (below).
Amy earned her 15th in Brooklyn last weekend.  Now BOTH are Hall of Famers!
Susan and I hit our 13th. With 3 more races scheduled, we should finish with our second Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.

Michelle and Ted are at 11. They have four more races this year so if all goes well, they'll hit Hall of Fame in San Antonio.

Missing from this picture is James, the third Hall of Fame entrant of the weekend. I asked Amy at the Heavy Medal booth and she's guessing there will be 40 - 50 Hall of Famers this year. There may be a lot more, at least mathematically. We still have a month and a half left!

After a late check out and cleaning up, we took a tour of the Gateway Arch. Some of the pictures through the windows were really impressive. The view at the top was spectacular.

Half marathon #96 in the books. 

We're still feeling like we're on top of the world!


Rock n Roll St. Louis was held for the fifth year in 2015. This year they added the 5K for the Remix Weekend, but discontinued the full marathon. There were 5,758 finishers in the half marathon (median finish time 2:15:34) and 1,334 finishers in the 5K (median 35:51). Both times we've been there, starting temps were in the 30's (though the signs at the banks showed a starting temp in the mid to high 40's). Disposable layers are a good idea.

The race for the Hall of Fame continues. Unofficial numbers ("The Pannell Report") have 13 already in the Hall and potentially 94 total unless someone pulls off a Philly/Merida double. 

16 at 10
21 at 11
25 at 12
14 at 13
5 at 14
4 at 15     Hall of Fame
4 at 16
4 at 17
1 at 18

Rock n Roll St. Louis brought our half and full marathon total to 140 Rock n Roll races as a couple. We have a few more milestones coming up this year so I'm going to go back and verify our count. Given that this was supposed to be a one-and-done bucket list item, I think we're entitled to celebrate a few times as we keep going.

Next stop, Rock n Roll Los Angeles and an epic costume race!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Finding Neverland - Rock n Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon 2015

Week 3 of Rock n Roll Marathon Series fall season took us to Brooklyn for the Inaugural Half Marathon. Competitor Group actually had a Rock n Roll event in the city in 2013, but offered only a 10K, not a half. Brooklyn checks off a milestone for both of us, being the 25th different state for half marathons.  Yes, if you're wondering, there IS a club for Half Marathons in half the states.

The Saturday race on the east coast meant an early Thursday flight. Other than Ron taking a suitcase to the head on the second leg from Dallas to LaGuardia, traveling into Brooklyn was smooth. A rush hour Uber ride later and we were at the Aloft checking out the rooftop view and grabbing a quick bite at Forno Rosso

Not a bad view from the rooftop bar at the Aloft. The rain came the next night.
Pizza. And dessert pizza.
After a couple of weeks rest, I wanted to see if I could take another crack at a PR so we turned in early. Friday morning, we were able to navigate the subway system to get to the Brooklyn Expo Center. If you're a visitor, I highly recommend the MTA app for your smart phone!

The expo was tiny, but somehow we spent over 3 hours there as we met friends coming in waves. Mindy was conscripted into working merch even though she was planning on running the next day. We picked up a few of the Brooks branded gear items. No luggage tags. Boo.

We met the new president of the 100 Half Marathons Club, local Jenipher. Andrea is still with the club in a support role. They've got a long list of discounts and a membership fee that just keeps the website up. The new shirt design was really eye-catching, but Jenipher is already looking to upgrade. 

We knew Kamika, Kevin and Joe were heading in so we waited around, chatting with Amy, Ryan and trying to figure out who's going to be where in October as RNR has two-race weekends each of the next three weeks.  October could mean another 30 people could hit the 15 race mark and earn the Hall of Fame medal for the year. We left our mark on the banner for this, the inaugural event.

I had this weird feeling we were lingering a bit longer than usual until I realized Joe was stalling us. He was waiting for Erin Zeman to come in from the city. In 2013, Erin's husband, Jake, died shortly after crossing the finish line at Rock n Roll Savannah. In 2014, we were part of the first wave of runners to run wear bibs for Team Trust, a foundation for Erin's son, Jack. Since then, Erin had asked several people if they would wear Jake's Savannah bib in his memory.  Erin told me she'd looked up Jake's name recently and found our blog and asked if I'd be willing to be the next to wear the bib. I was nearly moved to tears as I accepted.

After the expo we took a quick ferry ride to Manhattan, grabbed lunch with Kevin and headed back to the hotel. The rain started so we stayed close for dinner. The 7 AM gun time, subway ride and with extra security planned at the start put us at a 4 AM wake up call.  Sorry guys, it's the way we trained. Maybe next time, we'll stay up late to enjoy the city!

Race Day, Saturday October 10th. 
Forecasted temps in the mid to high 50's from 7 AM to 11. Pretty much perfect race conditions.

We were able to see most of our friends in the starting corral. It still amazes me that we can do that in a crowd of 17,000. Maybe we've known each other so long, we know each other's habits even without a set plan for a meeting spot or time. It's a great way to start off the race regardless.

We even saw Megan from Maryland. We didn't know she was racing until reading Facebook feeds the night before.

Susan and I let the first 10 corrals go by, waiting for the 2:15 pacer. The plan for the first 5K  was to stay between him and the 2:20 pacer for the first half since it was a decent net downhill. The out-and-back from the start to mile 3 gave us a chance to cheer for the runners ahead of us and for Susan to take some pictures. 

I think this might be what Coach Becky would call showing 'flashes of legal form.'
Things went well and I hit the 10K mark at 1:06:22. The turn at miles 8 started a 3.5 mile gradual uphill followed by the biggest hill on the course at 11.5 to 12.1. From what I heard, that hill was a PR breaker for a lot of people. I stopped looking at my elapsed time at the top of the hill and did the best to spike the heart rate and finish strong, making a weak attempt to high five Ann before the finish line. While I did manage to walk sub 11 minute miles for all but the mile 12 hill, I missed my PR by 27 seconds. My Garmin distance was 13.15. I'm going to analyze this to death in the next few months, but given the course and the previous two race times in the last four weeks, I have to be happy with the result. The real bummer about pushing a race is that I don't take any time to say hi to Ann at the finish line. Good thing Susan had enough manners for both of us!

I hope you had time to find some pizza, Annie!

Cell traffic was so bad I couldn't estimate how far back Susan was, so I stayed in the finisher area a little longer to recover. I was standing next to John Volpe when one of the staff said they really needed help at since they'd lost a few volunteers at one of the food tables. Having nothing better to do, I unloaded about 5 crates of bananas and chatted with McKenzie while breaking the bunches and handing them out. All in a days work, it seems.

Susan came in just under 3:10. Her plantar is getting work with physical therapy and a chiropractor now, so hopefully she can keep it under control until we can take a long break from racing to rest.

We met up with Erin to return Jake's bib. For the four people who have worn the bib, there seemed to be some kind of magic to it, like someone was watching over the race to help us dig deep when we needed an extra push. I hope she continues this tradition and lets someone else get touched by this race magic. 

Erin had previously asked Hailey (RNR Nashville), Joe (RNR Portland) and Kevin (RNR San Diego) to wear Jake's bib
We sat on the grass listening to Nate Ruess, the headliner band. It's something we rarely do because we're usually checking out of the hotel the day of the race. Instead of going home, we stayed over one more night to meet up with Susan's coworker Errol and see Finding Neverland. The race recap aside, I found a lot of lines in the play to hit home this weekend.

"Believe it and you can be it."
We met Amy and Ainsley after Rock n Roll DC. They said they saw the Hall of Fame Banner and wanted to be on it in 2015. Amy (left) earned her Hall of Fame medals for her 15th race this weekend.
Ainsley will get her 15th next week in Denver. 
"Second star to the right and straight on till morning."
A quick shout out for folks who finished the half in Brooklyn and hopped on a plane for a race the next day. Jessica (left) and Adrian (second from right) ran the Long Beach Marathon on 2.5 hours of sleep. Ainsley (second from left) and Hyalker (right) ran the Chicago Marathon. Special mention to Carl Marino who flew into Brooklyn early morning Saturday after filming an episode of Homocide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda in Nashville all day Friday.

"When your feet don't touch the earth, you can't feel the fates that hurt

And you're free, there's no need to come down. When your feet don't touch the ground."
Ilona finishes her 16th Rock n Roll of the year, the last 4 with her left foot in a boot. She was hoping ET would help her fly.
And finally, my favorite Neverland lyric of the weekend just fit with this lady.
Harriette Thompson at Rock n Roll San Diego 2015 (Photo from CGI)
At age 92, Harriette Thompson is the oldest woman ever to complete a full marathon. She started running in 1977 at the young age of 54. We had the honor to escort her back to her hotel. She didn't run Brooklyn, but was an enthusiastic cheerleader for Team in Training from the sidelines. It took a while to get the golf cart to a place where we could grab Uber.

Ms. Thao's Wild Ride
The lyric?

"Neverland is a place I created where people never grow old." 

This was our 109th race since we started. I was 38. Susan was 37. 

I feel like if we keep this going, we'll never grow old.


RNR had previously held events in Brooklyn in 2012 and 2013 with only a 10K distance which is sort of messing up our total RNR race count. Originally, we only counted half and full marathons and we don't count 5K and 10K races during remix weekends that started in 2014. We're not sure how to treat Brooklyn 2013's 10K where Susan ran but I didn't, putting her one up on me in the race count. Tracy Sundlun thinks we should count it so that should be good enough. We'll figure it out in a few years when it starts to matter in the milestones.

RNR Brooklyn drew 17,500 entrants, the max that CGI was allowed by the city. There were 13,315 finishers with a median time of 2:11:15, making this one of the faster RNR halfs overall. The course (Garmin Connect - RNR Brooklyn Half 2015) was basically two out-and-backs starting at the Arch at Grand Army Plaza, running along the north and west sides of Prospect Park to finish at the center of the Park. It was worth plotting the course on Garmin since the elevation maps were a bit off and knowing where the big hill started at mile 11.5 really helped. Temperatures were in the high 50's to start and stayed there until the sun broke through the clouds around 9 AM. You couldn't ask for better race weather.

Things were rocky early on. The digital event guide was a bit confusion when it directed people to the southern exit on Flatbush if they had a bag to check and the gear drop location wasn't marked on the maps. There was about a 30 minute delay for the start as the NYPD were confirming we had the roads clear which actually ended up helping out the thousands of runners still waiting to go through security. For future planning, this would be a REALLY good event to spring for the VIP package as there was a dedicated entrance near the starting line.

At the last race of 2014 (Rock n Roll San Antonio), we heard the numbers of each Heavy Medal level. At the time, the 8 and 9-race medals weren't established and the 15 race Hall of Fame level was brand new and without a medal awarded (but a nice set of RNR swag!). We don't know the counts below 10 races, but according to RNR loyalist John Pannell here's the unofficial tally of people with a shot at Hall of Fame this year with 6 more races left. Philadelphia/Merida has been deemed logistically impossible, but I won't write it off yet. People do crazy things.

Races 2015 2014
7 ? 458
9         22
10 19  300
11 25
12 19
13 7
14 4
15 4 27      Amy and Fred hit 15 in Brooklyn!
16 4
17 1
19*  4

*European races were not counted toward Heavy Medals in 2014. 19 was the highest total for that year.