Wednesday, November 4, 2015

From the Sidelines - RNR Philadelphia, RNR Merida, New York City Marathon 2015

Playing the remote spectator is a good change of pace. We only get a couple of breaks of three or more weeks between races during the year but I got my fill of marathons just watching my Facebook feed.

Rock n Roll Philadelphia saw another beautiful race day. Forty-four runners qualified for Olympic Trials. Timothy Ritchie took first overall with a time of 61:24. Maegan Krifchin took the women's title at 69:52. Ninety-seven of the 14,480 finishers broke 75 minutes, a pretty phenomenal field.

Most of the Rock n Roll Heavy Medal crowd were in Philly. Shout outs go to another dozen who finished their 15th race of the year to qualify for the 2015 Hall of Fame, bringing the unofficial total to 29. Among them, all-time RNR race leader Joe Harris who is the fourth to repeat as a Hall of Famer. Carl and Ilona hit 15 in San Jose. Mitch got there in Denver. 

Side note, I saw Mitch on the course in San Antonio last year and asked if he was going to try for Hall of Fame again. He said 'absolutely no way'. I think the new set of Heavy Medals and an enthusiastic group of friends changed his mind.

Photo credit: Adrian Mauricio
Hours after RNR Philadelphia ended, the inaugural Rock n Roll Merida took place on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. The 2,458 participants dealt with mid-80's starting temps and kicked off the Day of the Dead celebration in style. 

Hitting a milestone in Merida was Kevin, who finished his 100th half marathon, sporting a custom bib from the 100 Half Marathons Club. Kevin was recognized by the race organizers with a special trophy similar to what the top finishers received as someone got word he had chosen Merida for this milestone. Kevin has the 2nd highest Rock n Roll race total all time. 

Last up on the weekend was the biggest marathon of them all in New York City. A number of friends from White Continent/Punta Arenas were among the close to 50,000 finishers including Barb (a Nike SF Legacy runner), Fiona and Soren (coming off Ironman Copenhagen), Fran and Tom (completing their 183rd and 200th full marathon, respectively). Along with "Team Numb" were friends Rebecca and Julie. Rebecca finished her first marathon since being diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer (having never smoked a day in her life). She ran NYC after having a lung removed. Read her amazing story here.

Left to Right: Barb, Rebecca, Julie, Soren, Fiona.
Tee (another White Continent/Punta Arenas alum) ran NYC again. Since beginning running in early 2012, she's finished 46 full marathons, completing the 6 World Majors in 24 months and earlier in 2015 ran the Triple 7 Quest. It's exhausting just keeping up with her!

Other friends (and maybe more that I missed on FB) completing NYC were Ann Marie, Brian (from Team in Training), Todd (Run with Clay) and Colleen from CGI. RNR Gypsy Kamika was one of probably many who ran RNR Philly and took the train to New York for the double weekend. Meb set yet another Master's record at NYC and finished 7th overall. 

Weather in NYC was beautiful. This race is eventually on my bucket list as soon as we finish full marathons on all continents, establish a world record and maybe get through more of the 50 states half marathon list. 

As for Ron and Susan? We sat at home doling out Halloween candy and put in two sessions (morning and evening) totaling 16 - 18 miles. Short of figuring out how to pack for the trip, we're ready for another round of Avengers/Vegas a week from Sunday and our second Heavy Medal Hall of Fame. 

The people you meet on the Creek Trail ;)

I'm not sure I can take sitting on the sidelines for one more weekend, but we don't want to throw off our half marathon count. We'll hit our 100th in San Antonio! Hope to see you all there.


The Pannell Report
This is an unofficial count that John Pannell does manually. Thanks, John!

With only Rock n Roll Savannah, Las Vegas and San Antonio left on the Tour Stop calendar, we have 91 potential entrants to the Hall of Fame for 2015.

Twenty-Nine have already made the 2015 Hall of Fame. 62 more still have a shot including:
17 at 12
20 at 13
25 at 14

12 at 15 Hall of Fame
2 at 16
4 at 17
6 at 18
4 at 19
1 at 20

I've also confirmed at least 9 people from the 2014 Hall of Fame are on track to repeat in 2015 (Juan - Savannah; Martin, Susan, and Ron - Las Vegas; Wes, Arnold - San Antonio). I'm pretty sure there are 3 or 4 more people will as well, but I haven't had the chance to catch them in person. 

Early congrats to anyone who hits the 15 mark in Savannah. 

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