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All Good Things - 2015 Rock n Roll Marathon Hall of Fame Presentation

At the end of the expo at Rock n Roll San Antonio, we finally found out the results of the race for the Rock n Roll Marathon Hall of Fame. While the Pannell report tracked the weekly totals pretty accurately, it was pretty amazing all those people converge into one spot for a half hour of some of the most-tagged pictures I've ever seen.

278 people finished 10 or more races in 2015. Depending on whose numbers you use, somewhere between 83 and 87 finished 15 races to earn as spot in the 2015 Hall of Fame. The numbers from the Pannell Report, to close out 2015, are listed below.

10 121
11 31 12 19 13 7 14 13 15 30 16 21 17 13 18 7 19 1 20 6 21 5 22 3 23 1

Disclaimer, John runs these manually. There may be some miscounts as some of the international races have a more difficult time being imported due to formatting. We also have first hand reports of people having fewer races than the Pannell report shows. I can't thank him enough for the work he does.

The top story was the award for the most Heavy Medal qualifying races - the Rock Superstar - going to Leah Reid. The 23 races above doesn't include the side trip she made to St. Louis to do the 5K on Saturday and then to Denver the next day to the the half. A story run by Competitor Magazine started with Leah selling her car to fund the race schedule. She said she was going to sell it anyway, but I kinda like the legend. One thing everyone I talked to agrees on, the award couldn't have gone to a nicer person.

Tracy Sundlun presents the Rock Superstar plaque. Leah deserves a crown with the gold record.
I can't seem to find an appropriate crown to photoshop into this picture.

Though Leah visited the most cities this year, the most miles in RNR races was completed by Sherry. With 20 races (4 fulls, 16 halfs, a 10k, seven 5ks and two 1-milers), her total of 344.3 miles should be worth some kind of side award. Let's call it the "Roadie of the Year" title. Early during the Saturday 10K, Leah started feeling dizzy early in the race. Sherry decided to walk with Leah for the last 5 miles. Somehow what these two women accomplished this year just made this moment seem right. By the next day, Leah had recovered enough to have her best half marathon time of 2015, missing PR by less than a minute. Sherry helped a first timer finish the full marathon.

Correction: Bradley Carpenter actually finished over 400 Rock n Roll Race miles in 2015. Of the 21 cities, he finished 10 fulls, 11 halfs, 7 5K's a 10K and a 1 miler for a whopping 435 miles. I'm still looking to see if any of the Hall of Famers got higher mileage totals, but this one is worth mentioning. The highest total ever was likely the year David Deniere finished all 27 events including at least a half dozen fulls. Remix 5K and 10K's were not available that year.

Unofficially, 15 people finished at 20 or more races in 2015. I may need to tap some of our RNR history buffs, but I would venture to guess this is the most ever in a year.

23: Leah
22: Carl, Ilona, Timothy
21: Amy, Bradley, Diana, Fred, Maria, and Sylvia
20: Ainsley, Andrea, Greg, Mitchell and Sherry

A special shout out to Diana who had absolutely no intention of having a bum knee keep her from getting through her last race of the year. It was easy to spot the 21 bib as she was rolling down the first underpass. Her dad finished the year with 18 RNR's.

Since this was the second year for the Hall of Fame, the next thing I was looking for was repeats from 2014. In order of location where they finished the 15th race. 

Carl and Ilona (San Jose)

Mitchell (Denver)
Joe (Philadelphia)
Martin (Savannah)
Susan and Ron, Jessica, Rodney, Wesley, Juan (Las Vegas)
Ronald (San Antonio)

We plan to give the Hall of Fame another run in 2016 and hope to see these folks a lot next year. I'd also like to somehow track down Rodney and Ronald at some point to see if they've been racing long enough to pick up a few Rock Idols from 2011- 2013. 

Run for your life?

Prior to San Antonio, we did some informal polling from the Rock n Roll Gypsies and the Black Sheep Run group since it looked like that included a good percentage of the folks we see at most of the races in the last two years (many thanks to Amy for collecting most of the data). Tracy Sundlun asked me for the statistics just before the presentation, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to pull up the larger spreadsheet. I DID have a post bookmarked where I collected most of the numbers for people who have 70 or more lifetime races as of RNR San Antonio. 

I think this list is the all-time top 10, but I'd be happy to edit if someone can send me their information! Note that this includes Heavy Medal qualifying races (no Remixes), but also gives people the option to add the RNR Brooklyn 10Ks when it was the only distance available. European races - not counted toward the annual Heavy Medal count prior to 2014 are also included.

Joe          116
Kevin        93
Al             88
Sherry      72
Kamika     74
Jim          77
Beth         76
Susan       73 
Ron          72
Juan         70

Anyone with over 40 races life time appears to be in the Top 25. These are also self-reported and most certainly not a complete list. Please let me know where you stand and I can add you to a growing spreadsheet!

David          67 

Mitchell      63
Michelle      57
Shirley        57
Tim            51
Hyalker      48
Kelvin         48
Sylvia         48
Jessica       46
Justin         46
Ilona           42
Carl            41
Leny           41
Martin        40
Tricia         40

The reason I wanted to track this is because I've asked Josh and Cassidy if there's any chance we could formalize a lifetime achievement milestone awards as Joe received for his 100th RNR race in DC this year. We'll see what materializes. 

While San Antonio was a huge milestone for Susan and me, I thought the Hall of Fame presentation deserved a separate blog entry. There was something special about the year that made so many people cram a ton of races into their calendars. If you have a Global Tour Pass, you'll want to fit in 5 or so races to break even. 7 races is usually possible without leaving your timezone. At 10 races, you have to start crossing the country a few times and at 15, it becomes a significant commitment of time and money. 

A lot of us made that commitment. And people who were complete strangers at the start of the year are looking back realizing that the gold microphone at the 15th race was the reason they started, but the reason they kept coming back was because of the friends they made in cities across the country.  

We are no longer just individual runners and walkers.

We are Party Rockers.

Photo Credit Bill (Chinoloco) Kwok
We are Black Sheep who belong.

Photo Credit Adrian Mauricio
We are Rock n Roll Gypsies who have found a home.

But above all this year, we are one big Heavy Medal Family.

To the staff at Competitor Group, the countless volunteers and contractors who made this year a truly memorable journey, we thank you. We continue to make lifelong friends, hit personal milestones and see places and things we probably wouldn't have dreamed about if not for the Rock n Roll Marathon Series.

And while all good things must come to an end, I know that a lot of us have the 2016 TourPass. And we can't wait to start this craziness all over again.

Thanks to Jim for the video 
(and to the designer of the medal for making it a decent shot glass)

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